The Consultation Process

From July to October 2008 there were lots of consultations so that the views and ideas of everybody in the Parish could be captured. Meetings of the under 18s and the various groups already operating in the Parish were held to canvas opinion on the future development of the Parish. Well over 200 suggestions were received and documented.

The next stage was to produce a questionnaire for everybody in the Parish to complete so that we could see what support therewas for the various ideas that were suggested during the consultations.

To launch the Doynton Parish Plan Questionnaire we held a Community Meeting on Friday 13 March 2009, in Doynton Village Hall.

Click here for a copy of the questionnaire that was sent to everybody in the parish.

A total of 237 people responded to the questionnaire and this represents about 74% of the estimated population of Doynton Parish. This is a fantastic response rate, showing just how much people care about our village and the surrounding area. Consequently it can be asserted that the Questionnaire has authority.

Click here for a spreadsheet showing the raw data and comments from the responses.

Click here to read the key findings from the questionnaire.

The results were analysed and were used in close consultation with the Doynton Parish Council to prepare an Action Plan on how the wishes of the community as determined by the Questionnaire could be implemented.

The final stage was the production of the Doynton Parish Plan.  Copies have now been given to everybody in the Parish.

A launch party for the plan was held in the village hall on 5th March 2010.




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