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Doynton and Wick Women's Institute

We organise garden visits, theatre trips and fundraising events during the year. 

WI News June 2017 Members were both moved and entertained by the poetry of author Anne Holloway. A local girl who attended Bath High School but now, in her 50s, after a colourful few years of deciding where her destiny lay, settled for Nottingham. With the help of members’ suggestions, she composed a poem all about our group, including the immortal lines: "We are the Doynton and Wick WI We are blue, clear sky blue, We are cropped jeans, We are Ford Fiestas We are lashings of delicious curries Etc......" All very amusing but it made us realize how easy making poetry actually is. Her poem that she had written about her late father, inspired by the ticking of an old wrist watch, was utterly enchanting. She told members about the inspiration for her book Korokas which plots her life and loves in Greece, where she spent several years. Anne's latest passion now is helping others publish their works. She was a very charismatic speaker.  Next month’s meeting on Wednesday July 13th is the annual mystery outing. Meet at Doynton village hall at the earlier time of 5 p.m. Bring £10 for supper (full cost subsidized from WI funds) and a few pounds for bus fare or your bus pass if you have one. And that’s all you get to know until the evening!

WI News May 2017 At the May meeting, members approved both of the national resolutions, on alleviating loneliness and eliminating microplastics from our oceans. Everyone had brought flowers and greenery from their gardens, and much fun was had making small posies to give to a neighbour or leave for a stranger to find. Next month’s meeting will feature a talk from author Anne Holloway, and the competition is “A hat to depict a fictional book character”. Come to Doynton village hall on Wednesday June 14th, 7.30 p.m.

WI News April 2017 The speakers in April were Ron and Gina Pritchard of the local charity RP Fighting Blindness, which provides information about and raises funds for research into the hereditary eye condition retinitis pigmentosa, a group of diseases leading to “tunnel vision” and a greater or lesser loss of sight. The couple’s two sons were both affected. Ron and Gina now give talks and fundraise by collecting used postage stamps – all donations welcome: cut around the stamp, leaving the perforation intact, and contact bristolsglosfightingblindness[at] to arrange collection. At next month’s meeting, members will discuss and vote on two resolutions which will then go forward to the national level. These are on “alleviating loneliness” and “plastic soup” – no, not a new cookery course at Denman College, but a reference to the large amount of microplastic fibres, shed from synthetic clothing with every wash, which are contaminating our oceans and poisoning aquatic life. Come along to Doynton village hall on Wednesday, May 10th at 7.30 p.m.

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