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Doynton and Wick Women's Institute

We organise garden visits, theatre trips and fundraising events during the year. 

WI News March 2019 At the March meeting, Charles Denny and Andy Berry talked about the Cotswold Canals Trust, which is painstakingly restoring a six-mile stretch of canal centred on Stroud, Gloucestershire. The restored canal will be available as a leisure and environmental resource for boaters, walkers, cyclists and wildlife – the Wallbridge Lower Lock development includes a special bypass around the lock for the local eels and fish. The Trust runs three visitor centres, in Saul, Stonehouse and Stroud, and offers boat trips in its two canal boats, Endeavour and Perseverance. The speaker next month (Wednesday April 10th, 7.30 p.m. in Doynton village hall) is John Hoyland on Friendly Societies. The competition is: a friendship gift idea. Members are invited to pot up any spare plant cuttings and bring them to the meetings in April, May and June for sale at 50p each for charity.

WI News February 2019 At the February meeting, Mary Allen and Nick Pope showed off some of the smaller – yet still, strangely, larger than you would expect – denizens of Bristol Zoo. A giant tiger snail, a prickly stick insect (also giant) and a palm-sized tarantula clambered up and down Mary’s arm, while members shuddered or cooed, according to temperament. Bristol Zoo, which opened in 1836, has housed countless rare and endangered animals, including the elephants Rosie, who gave rides to an estimated 80,00 children over the years, and Wendy and Christina, who would walk down Whiteladies Road to be weighed on the local weighbridge and stop off at the bakery for a bun on the way back. At the March meeting, Clive and Linda Field will talk on the Cotswold Canal Trust. The competition is “an unusual bar of soap”. All welcome at Doynton village hall on Wednesday March 13th, 7.30 p.m.

WI News December 2018–January 2019 the annual Christmas meeting was an enjoyable occasion, as always. This year, the venue was Avon Valley Railway in Bitton, where members enjoyed a festive meal in a converted railway carriage. The charity collection, amounting to over £90, was donated to Yate and Sodbury foodbank. The annual donation of socks, gloves and toiletries to Julian House hostel for the homeless in Bath was supplemented this year by a set of shirts, which will be lent to clients who need to dress smartly for accommodation viewings or job interviews. We take so much for granted ... At the January meeting, Genevieve Arney of Designability (formerly the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, based at the Royal United Hospital) demonstrated the Wizzybug – a colourful motorized wheelchair for disabled children up to the age of five. Wizzybugs are available for sale or on loan; the loan scheme has extended as far as Australia. They are attractive, solid little machines that turn on a sixpence, as members found for themselves when they had a go with the remote control. Hint: don’t get into an argument with a Wizzybug driver – your shins will thank you! In February, the speaker will be Ryan Lewis, with a talk on Bristol Zoo. The competition is “an old photo of the zoo”. All welcome at Doynton village hall on Wednesday, February 13th, 7.30 p.m.

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